What a real doll can do for you !

One often wonders how to have fun solo. We can go through masturbation but it is tiring, then appeared these dolls. It is the silicone dolls that seem at first sight banal but in fact, they are real sex machines. There is actually no guide on how to use a plastic doll but what is certain is that it is better than doing it strictly alone or not at all.

Choosing a doll

Like choosing a partner for any activity, choosing a doll with whom one is going to have frequent sexual intercourse is quite crucial. The doll must first enjoy in her physique. For that, one can choose the face, it must not be neutral but above all, it must be found that have a face more or less customized. In relation to the body, this one should not be too ballooned, that is why it is better to opt for the silicone version which is more realistic and more massive. Finally, at the moment we can really have fun with these dolls because the versions released recently are really realistic. They have a beautiful physique and all the holes of this plastic chick are very comfortable for penetrations of any kind. We will no longer feel the roughness of the plastic.

What to expect from a beautiful doll

We can not hope for a relationship with silicone sex doll, it seems clear. Nevertheless, these dolls cut people from loneliness. There are some single men or living alone who need a female presence, and psychologically with a realistic doll at home helps a lot. Otherwise, these dolls are mainly used as sexual accessories. They normally have three orifices so they can give blowjobs, which would correspond more to a mouth fuck. But they can also serve for anal sex and finally the usual sex through the vagina. In addition to this, they are flexible so able to undergo all positions even the most unlikely. The dolls are not endowed with feeling, so we can make them whatever we want within the limits of the possible.


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